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For years, JLR Commercial Laundry has provided commercial laundry services to businesses of all kinds in East Anglia, London and the South East. From bed linen and towels to table linen and uniforms, we offer a range of laundry services for your business. Our state-of-the-art equipment and technology ensure that your laundry will be cleaned to the highest quality, every time. We provide exceptional customer service, and our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive your laundry on time and in pristine condition, every time.

We offer a wide range of services that cater to different industries, including gyms, hotels, B&Bs, wedding venues, and restaurants, among others. We understand the importance of presenting clean and fresh linens and uniforms for your business, and that’s why we strive to deliver high-quality laundry services that meet your expectations. Whether you prefer to use our rental stock or provide us with your own, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

Clean bed and pillows
clean rolled towels on tray